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About M. Joe Bermudez & Ceramic Finishes

Ceramic Finishes - Tile Contractor-Craftsman-Artist

M. Joe Bermudez • Ceramic Finishes

An Artist’’s Sensibility Combined With A Contractor’s Credentials, Skill Set & Experience

Since 1980, Joe’s precision work and wonderful aesthetic sense has enhanced the beauty of homes and businesses throughout the Los Angeles area.

• Both a Craftsman and an Artist.

• Excels at Jobs Requiring Individual Attention & Greater Detail.

• Over 25 Years of Professional Tile Experience.

• Expert Knowledge of Tile Trends, Materials and History.

• Restoration | Period | Craftsman Home Tile Specialist.

• No Job Too Small!

About M. Joe Bermudez

M. Joe Bermudez

Tile Remodeling Expert

Ceramic Tile Contractor

Restoration/Period Styles

Craftsman/Revival/Art Tile

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A tile contractor is different than a general contractor. As a tile contractor I can do your entire bathroom or kitchen, often at a more reasonable price than a general contractor. My work is more specialized, and requires a very deep understanding of the logistical requirements and aesthetics of those areas from top to bottom. You might keep me in mind if you're doing a bath, shower, or kitchen remodel and need a quality tile contractor with a finely-tuned skill set to help get you the results you're looking for.


"I started out in the family business (tile and construction) in the 1970’s and worked for various construction companies over the years.

In 2004 I started my own firm, Ceramic Finishes.

That same year I joined the Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena to work on my own tile art, a dream I have had ever since I can remember. It was a chance to get back to something I began as a student at California State University, Los Angeles. Being an artist helps me understand the artists’ concerns. Being a contractor allows me to effectively cement my clients’ aesthetic objectives into reality, as I install and complete the tilework they have envisioned.

Through my contract tile business, Ceramic Finishes, I work with clients to design functional and beautiful spaces for them. I enjoy both indoor and outdoor tile installations, using light and textures to bring additional dimension into my clients’ homes and outdoor areas. Some of the types of Installations and remodeling I provide for clients include fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, flooring, benches and fountains. I also install tile motifs for public areas, building exteriors, water fountains and stand-alone sculptures. I like the practical side of tile contracting too. I'm always ready to do a shower pan repair or replacement for my clients, or retrofit a bathroom or shower in order to make it accessible. Barrier-free showers that are spacious and drain well are a great example of design combined with accessibility.

My business, Ceramic Finishes, allows me to engage with and enjoy the amazing arena of tile artwork. In addition to the custom installation I do for my commercial and residential clients, I also craft and sell my own tile art pieces. I enjoy working with other artists as clients too, professionally installing their work and designs in galleries, public installations, and for their clients.

Years ago, while in my 20‘s, I held a job as a bait fisherman on the Oxnard coast. My mentor was an older man who trained me to carefully tie and secure the fishing nets. From this, I learned the virtues of patience, detail, and the value of taking the time to do a job well done. Those lessons left a lifelong impression on me, serving as the foundation of my approach to building, remodeling, and tile work today. As a high quality tile contractor I understand that outstanding results are achieved by having solid plans, being well-organized from the beginning, and taking the time required to get all the details right. This is what sets my tile and contracting work apart from the rest."

More About M. Joe Bermudez

Joe is a rare combination of detailed craftsman, tile artist, tile designer/fabricator, and master tile installer. His knowledge of the tile industry, tile history and how to make the materials come alive is rich and thorough. As both an artist and craftsman, Joe has an outstanding grasp of the challenges and techniques of tile setting, and is a powerful asset to any custom or creative tile project.

Some of Joe's Favorite Materials

There is such a wonderful variety of beautiful tile and stone on the market today, both hand-made and manufactured. Among the manufactured tile and stone lines that Joe enjoys working with are: Jeffrey Court, Crossville, Gainey, Porcelanosa, and Dune. In addition to his own custom tile designs, Joe also installs the fine art tile work of many great hand-made tile artists throughout Los Angeles.

Aerial View of Custom Art Tile Bench Installation by M. Joe Bermudez | Tiles by Julie Bagish.

Custom Fish Tiles by Julie Bagish.

One of L.A.'s Best Ceramic Tile Contractors

M. Joe Bermudez • Tile Contractor | Bonded and Licensed in California #840009 | ESTIMATE FORM

Serving Southern California For Over 25 Years. | We are a gay friendly business.

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