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M. Joe Bermudez

Professional Licensed Tile Contractor



• Ceramic Tile Design | Planning | Layout | Installation - Residential & Commercial:

Custom Tile Designs | Custom Tile Layouts | Custom Tile Work | Floor Design | Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom, Shower, Tub, Kitchen, Floor, Living Room, Hallway, Walkways, Entryway, Pond,...

Help with tile patterns, motifs, designs, from a tumbled stone fireplace, to a custom waterfall...classic design layouts, dimensional, creative & artistic layouts for all areas including commercial and residential stone tile floors, walls and counters, retail stores, industrial kitchens, movie sets...

• Mosaics, Medallions, Murals, Custom Tiles Custom Tile Design and Installation:

I install a wide variety of accent and specialty tiles: tumbled stone, handpainted tile, custom-made tile, trim tile, mosaic, medallions, murals. I know many tile artists and can help you find just the look you’re after.

• Historic | Period Tile Designs | Craftsman Tile Restorations:

I am a Craftsman Home Remodeling and Tile Specialist..

I am highly adept with historic & period tile restoration projects, replicating a period look, or creating period reproductions & adaptations - specialty tile settier: from to Urban Revival to Rustic French..

• Shower Pan Installation / Repair Expert | Replacement • Accessible Home Renovations:

Expert repairs of leaky showers | Expert installlation and replacement of shower pans & hot mops.

Bathroom remodel specialist. | Swapping out a tub for a custom shower.

Disability, Accessible, Special Needs, Univeral Design bathrooms, modifications, custom showers.

• Odd-Shaped Areas Specialist:

Neo angle showers, curved walkways, odd-shaped walls, corners, angles, floors, backsplash

corner/inset/recessed soap dish installations, counters, benches, ponds, fireplaces, fountains

• Hard Plaster Showers, Tub Surrounds Bathrooms / Free-Form Showers:

Waterproof Shower Plaster: Venetian plaster, Santa Fe Syle plaster
free form showers, custom tints and colors

Classic Timeless Designs | Fresh New Ideas | Variety of Materials:

Help selecting and setting up the best designs, colors, materials, patterns...

I can help you get the most out of every phase of your tiling project.

Ceramic Tile | Stone Tile | Granite | Marble | Traverine | Glass | Porcelain | Metal | Metro



• Bathroom Remodeling

• Shower Remodeling

• Expert Tile Installation

• Shower Pan Specialist

• Custom Design

• Planning/Consultation

No job too small!

New Installations, Remodels, Repairs


M. Joe Bermudez • Tile Contractor | Bonded and Licensed in California #840009 | ESTIMATE FORM

Serving Southern California For Over 25 Years. | One of L.A.'s best Contractors/Tile Installers.

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